Burial Insurance for Seniors over 80

It might be surprising to learn that you can buy burial insurance for seniors over 80. In fact, some insurers even offer plans that can provide burial life insurance for elderly people up to age 85. If you or your elderly parents are concerned about financing a burial and other final expenses, it might be a good idea to learn more about this product.

How Much Does Burial Insurance For Seniors Over 80 Cost?

The price of a burial policy will depend upon several unique things. These include age, health, location, and the insurance company. However, insurers know that they are marketing to families and elderly parents who need to stay within a budget. That means that these plans are affordable for many seniors or their families.

However, these sample quotes may help you figure out how much it will cost to cover yourself or your parents.

These are for different face values for an 80-year-old Texas woman in relatively good health for her age:

  • $10,000 : $99.41
  • $15,000 : $147.81

This example is for a Florida man who is 82:

  • $10,000 : $110.00
  • $15,000 : $163.33

Note: These are sample monthly prices on burial insurance for seniors over 80, and they could be different because of health underwriting and other factors.

Qualifying for Burial Insurance for Seniors over 80

Many companies offer guaranteed issue policies. With these, there are no health questions. However, they usually limit these plans to applicants who are younger than 80. Folks over 80 have to be in relatively good health in order to qualify for this kind of coverage.

If possible, it is better to qualify by answering a few health questions on the application. This opens up better benefits and cheaper premiums. In any case, there is no medical exam required for either type of plan. If you don’t have to answer any medical questions, you will not qualify for an immediate death benefit. Instead, insurers may offer to pay back premiums or only pay part of the premium if the insured person passes away before the waiting period ends.

We can help you find the best burial Insurance for seniors over 80 for yourself or senior family members. Use our simple web form to get quotes for a burial policy online. If you find a good price from a quality company, feel free to begin applying online or ask for more information.