Life Insurance for Seniors in Alaska

If you are shopping for life insurance for seniors in Alaska, you could be wondering if there will be any special challenges that you’ll run into. For example, you might love living in Alaska, but you probably already know that the cost of living can be much higher. This means you might be worried about the cost of a policy.

As a senior, you also might wonder if your options will be limited or if you’ll have to pay higher premiums. Luckily, you can find cheap life insurance for seniors in Alaska or just about anywhere throughout the county, including seniors over 80 in Alaska.

Life Insurance For Seniors in Alaska: Understanding Final Expenses

Final expenses are not cheap. Along with worrying about medical bills and other debts, you also have to worry about how your funeral or cremation will be paid for. The cost of your final expenses will obviously vary, but these are a few average costs that you should keep in mind when considering options for life insurance for seniors:

  • Funeral – $7,181
  • Cremation – $2,250
  • Cemetery Plot – $848

As you can see, it will be difficult for your family to pay these costs. You probably do not want to leave your family to deal with these costs; luckily, life insurance for seniors can help cover all of these costs, even if you simply opt for a simple, small burial insurance coverage option.

Life Insurance for Seniors in Alaska: Consider State Data

These are the top five cities in Alaska, based on population:

  • 1. Anchorage – 291,826
  • 2. Fairbanks – 31,535
  • 3. Juneau – 31,275
  • 4. Sitka – 8,881
  • 5. Ketchikan – 8,050

Compare Quotes for Life Insurance for Seniors in Alaska

It is best to get quotes if you’re wondering how much life insurance will cost; this is because every situation is different. However, we did run the numbers for a 53-year-old non-smoking female to give you an idea of what a life insurance policy might cost for a senior in Alaska.

  • $5,000 in Coverage – $15.79
  • $10,000 in Coverage – $29.37
  • $15,000 in Coverage – $42.96

Buy Life Insurance For Seniors in Alaska Online or Over the Phone

Whether you are shopping for life insurance for yourself or your parents, getting started online is a smart decision. This allows you to compare quotes for both policies that require health questions and guaranteed life insurance for seniors. If you enter your information into our handy online tool, you’re sure to find a great option, we can even quote life insurance for seniors over 80. Plus, you’ll be able to start your application right away.