Life Insurance for Seniors in Arizona

The good news for families and elderly parents is that it is easier than ever to find life insurance for seniors in Arizona. After a loved one passes away, burials, funerals, travel, and other bills can easily mount to several thousand dollars. These policy options for life insurance for seniors can help pay the bills with a cash benefit.

If you have ever thought about comparing life insurance for seniors in Arizona, we can help by providing quick and simple online life insurance quotes from top-rated life insurance companies. The form on this page takes seconds to complete and doesn’t ask for any personally identifying information.

Life Insurance for Seniors in Arizona: Quick State Facts

Arizona Quick Facts:

  • Avg. Arizona household income: $49,774
  • Average Arizona burial costs: About $8,350
  • Average Arizona cremation service cost: Over $2,300
  • Largest Arizona cities by population: Phoenix (1,445,632) Tuscon (520,116) Mesa (439,041) Chandler (236,123) Glendale (226,721)

Final expense life insurance for seniors can be convenient because they pay in cash to the beneficiaries. There are no concerns about making funeral plans in a certain town or city or even with one funeral home or another. Of course, people are free to make advance plans. Very often, older people are interested in helping to make plans for their funerals. Life insurance for seniors in Arizona is just one way to make sure that there will be money to pay for them.

Quotes for Life Insurance for Seniors in Arizona

These are some sample life insurance rates for a 54-year-old man in Arizona who doesn’t smoke:

  • $5,000: $17.05
  • $10,000: $31.91
  • $15,000: $46.76

Note that these are only examples, and premiums could vary because of age, health, and city.

For families with older parents who have severe health conditions, guaranteed life insurance for seniors might be a good option. The beauty of these life insurance policies is that they don’t require the answers to lots of health questions. The disadvantage is that they don’t offer an immediate death benefit, so the person who is insured has to survive for a waiting period before the full face amount will be payable.

Qualification for life insurance for seniors is not as difficult as you might think. By answering just a few questions about health and lifestyle, a policy can be approved almost instantly in some cases. If so, this life insurance option is cheaper and offers an immediate death benefit.

Compare Life Insurance for Seniors in Arizona online

Different Burial insurance companies charge different amounts for the same applicants. We give you the chance to get instant life insurance quotes delivered online. After you see your offers on the next screen, you can even begin your application online. We also offer life insurance for seniors over 80.