Life Insurance for Seniors in California

Are you trying to compare rates for life insurance for seniors in California? Whether you are in the process of shopping for yourself or your elderly parents, you might be feeling a bit confused by the various life insurance options that are out there. You might also think that it’s difficult to purchase life insurance for senior citizens in California, but this doesn’t have to be the case. We can help you find the life insurance that you need to cover final expenses for yourself or your parents.

Life Insurance for Seniors in California: A Few Important Facts

  • Did you know that 233,143 Californians passed away in 2010?
  • 117,854 were male. 115,289 were female.
  • The number-one leading cause of death in California is heart disease.
  • The median household income for families in California was $60,190 in 2013.
  • The per capita income in the same year was $29,634.
  • Many are confused about the available types of life insurance for seniors in California

Top five most populated cities in California for seniors and middle-aged:

  • Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States by population, second only after New York City. 3,884,307 people live in Los Angeles.
  • San Diego, which sits on the United States and Mexican border in the southernmost part of the state, is the home of 1,355,896 people.
  • San Jose is the third most populated city in the state of California. 998,537 Californians call San Jose home.
  • Not only is San Francisco a highly popular tourist destination for people all over the country and the world, but it’s also the fourth most populated city in the state. 837,442 individuals live in San Francisco.
  • Of all of the inland cities in California, Fresno is the largest. It’s also highly populated and is home to 509,924 Californians

What are the Types of Life Insurance for Seniors in California?

As you probably know, there are a few different types of life insurance for seniors out there. Two of the most popular are term life insurance and burial insurance. Learning a little bit about each kind of policy can help you make the right choice.

  • Term Life Insurance for Seniors in California

    This is a popular choice for many younger adults, but term life insurance policies can be much harder for senior citizens to secure. This is because they often require a medical health exam and do not always offer policies to people over a certain age.

  • Burial Insurance for Seniors in California

    Burial insurance is an excellent choice for senior citizens, especially those who are over 80, because they do not require strict health questions, and it can be purchased with no medical exam. It is generally not a problem to buy burial insurance for elderly people, which makes it a great choice for senior citizens. These policies are often a bit smaller than term life policies are, but you can typically secure life insurance coverage for amounts between $5,000 and $50,000.

Life Insurance For Seniors: Funeral Insurance Plan?

There are a few reasons why many people find funeral insurance to be a great choice, such as:

  • They are generally a surprisingly cheap life insurance option, even for older seniors.
  • These companies are typically much less strict than term life insurance companies are.
  • The application process is generally streamlined and easy, and it can often be completed online.
  • It can be secured with no exam and limited health-related questions.
  • Coverage is generally high enough to cover burials and other last expenses.
  • Coverage is not limited to a specific time period, so you don’t have to worry about the life insurance policy expiring.

Compare Rates for Burial Life Insurance for Seniors in California?

You should know that life insurance rates will vary based on a few different factors. However, these are a few of the sample quotes that we could find for a 63-year-old female in California who does not use tobacco:

  • $8,000 in Coverage – $32.36 per month
  • $12,000 in Coverage – $47.44 per month
  • $20,000 in Coverage – $77.60 per month

How to Buy Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance for Seniors in California

If you are looking for life insurance for a senior in your life such as your parent or even yourself, we can help. Our easy quote finder uses your ZIP code and the answers to a few simple questions to help you find the best coverage for the best rate. We work with some of the top providers in the nation, so enter your ZIP code to start shopping for life insurance for seniors in California.