Life Insurance for Seniors in Georgia

Families who have concerns about funeral expenses may be able to plan ahead with life insurance for seniors in Georgia. Not only can these policies provide cash for burials or cremations, they can also help with other final expenses that usually come up after a family member passes away.

It’s easy to get online quotes for seniors in the State of Georgia. Simply complete the short quote form on this site to compare local prices on the next page. After viewing quotes, you are free to get more information or begin applying right on the Internet.

Life Insurance for Seniors in Georgia

Georgia quick facts:

  • Average household income: About $50,000
  • Average burial/funeral cost: Over $8,300
  • Average cremation/funeral cost: Over $2,300
  • Largest Georgia cities by population: Atlanta (420,003), Columbus (189,885), Savannah (136,286), Athens (116,714), Sandy Springs (93,853)

Most commonly, insurers offer coverage for middle-aged people beginning in their late 40s or early 50s. Some even provide life policies for seniors over 80 in Georgia. Most often, this is whole life insurance, but it is possible to find term life for seniors who are relatively healthy.

Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors in Georgia

Some folks are concerned that they or their elderly parents have health issues that may get them declined for coverage. There are guaranteed life policies for seniors that ask no health questions on the application. These work by using a waiting period instead of health underwriting.

Typically, the person covered by the policy must survive this period by a two years before full benefits will be paid. Before that, the insurers might pay a portion of the death benefit or simply refund premiums, sometimes with interest. Older people who are fairly healthy and active might find lower rates and an immediate death benefit if they are willing to answer a few questions about their health.

How to Find the Best Georgia Life Insurance for Yourself or Your Parents

Insurers set premiums mostly by age. In some cases, health, location, and other factors may also be considered. The most important thing for consumers to know is that different insurers charge different rates for the same applicant. That’s why it is important to shop for a good value.

To find the cheapest premiums for senior life insurance in Georgia, simply get quick rate comparisons from our website. No personal information is required to see prices. After you see local offers, you can select any of them to learn more or even begin your application. We hope to help many elderly people and their families find quality coverage at the best price.