Life Insurance For Seniors In Illinois

One thing that many Illinois seniors or families with elderly parents might have to plan for, is the expense of a dignified funeral. Besides a service and burial, other final expenses tend to crop up after a loved one passes away. These could include bills for travel, feeding guests, and even transporting a body. Life insurance for seniors is one way to make sure that survivors have cash to pay the bills.

The best way to compare Illinois life insurance quotes is to use our instant quote engine. You can see rates within moments, and you don’t even have to offer up any of your personal details to do it. Once you have found cheap coverage for yourself or your parents, you can even begin to apply online.

Illinois Senior Life Insurance

State of Illinois Quick Facts:

  • Median Ill. household income: $56,797
  • Biggest Ill. Cities (Population): Chicago (2,695,598) Aurora (197,899) Rockford (152,871) Joliet (147,433) Naperville (141,853)
  • Average Cremation/Burial and Service costs: $2,300 to $8,300

We also offer term life insurance for older people, but most people look for whole life when they get older because it provides lifetime protection. To help you understand the rates, these are sample whole life insurance quotes for an Illinois female who is 51 and doesn’t use tobacco:

  • $5,000: $20.16
  • $10,000: $37.71
  • $15,000: $55.26

People who want life insurance for themselves or their parents should know that some life insurance coverage may be available to seniors over age 80 in Illinois. These are the three main choices:

  • Term life insurance for seniors: Some companies offer 10-year term policies for seniors up to their 70s, and this is the cheapest way to get coverage.
  • Whole life: Thee are usually smaller policies that are kept affordable for many older people and their families.
  • Guaranteed acceptance life insurance for seniors: This is an option for frailer senior citizens who might not get accepted for regular coverage. These applications require no health questions answered.

Find an Affordable Illinois Senior Life Policy

There isn’t one best company or kind of coverage for every elderly person. We help consumers compare life insurance rates and policies right on the Internet. Our form takes seconds to complete and requires no personally identifying information. We work to help senior citizens and families all over the State of Illinois find good coverage from top life insurance companies.