Life Insurance For Seniors In Louisiana

Are you researching costs for life insurance for seniors in Louisiana? It can be difficult for average Louisiana families to afford a dignified funeral and the cost of other things that tend to occur after a loved one passes on. The good news is that seniors and their families can purchase life insurance for everybody from young adults to seniors over 80 in Louisiana. Coverage options may vary by age and health, but it is possible to use life insurance for seniors to help pay for the cost of a funeral and other final expenses.

Insurers charge different rates and offer different kinds of coverage. We offer instant quotes for life insurance for seniors in Louisiana. Just enter age, gender, and tobacco use to get started.  After you have a chance to compare life insurance offers, you may begin your application or access more information.

Life Insurance for Seniors in Louisiana: State Data and Plan Types

State of Louisiana Quick Facts:

  • Major LA. cities (population): New Orleans (343,829) Baton Rouge (229,493) Shreveport (199,311) Metarie Terrace (142,489) Metarie (138,481)
  • Typical cost of LA. funerals/cremations, plus services: $2,500 – $8,500
  • Median LA. income: $44,874

Every family has different life insurance coverage needs and a different budget. These are the common kinds of life insurance policies that you might consider for yourself or for your elderly parents:

  • Term Life Insurance for Seniors

    These are usually available for 10 years and might be the cheapest option for qualified applicants.

  • Whole Life Insurance for Seniors

    These are commonly considered because they don’t expire and offer lifetime coverage.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance for Seniors

    For older people with serious medical issues, these policies don’t require the answers to any health questions.

To see if this might be an affordable option for your family, it might help to review a few sample prices. These are sample whole life insurance quotes for a 58-year-old man who doesn’t smoke:

  • $5,000: $22.50
  • $10,000: $41.67
  • $15,000: $60.83

We also offer senior life insurance over 80.

Find the Best Life Insurance for Seniors in Louisiana Online

Different insurers charge different amounts for the same coverage. We hope to give many people a chance to compare Louisiana senior life insurance quotes online. Our quote form doesn’t require personal data, so just select your state and birthday to get started. After you see a list of local offers, you are welcome to get more details or even begin your application right on your computer.