Life Insurance For Seniors In Minnesota

Folks who are looking for life insurance for seniors in Minnesota can find a variety of different types of policies from quality insurers. While some seniors are just interested in making sure that their family has a way to pay final expenses and settle credit debt, others actually hope to leave behind an inheritance. The right life insurance choice depends upon each unique family and individual.

Let us help you compare life insurance for seniors in Minnesota online. All you need to do is fill out the brief quote form on this page. No personal information is required just to see your competitive price offers. After you view offers from top insurers, you can purchase life insurance coverage or get more details.

Life Insurance For Seniors In Minnesota: Financial Data

State of Minnesota quick facts:

  • Biggest Minnesota cities (population): Minneapolis (382,578), Saint Paul (285,068), Rochester (106,769), Duluth (86,265), Bloomington (82,893)
  • Average Minnesota burial and service: Over $8,000
  • Average Minnesota cremation and service: Over $2,300
  • Median Minnesota household income: $59,836

Best Types of Life Insurance for Seniors in Minnesota to Compare

If you want cheap premiums and a lot of coverage, you might consider term life insurance for seniors if the applicant is relatively healthy. Elderly folks who need lifetime coverage and may have some chronic health issue might have an easier time getting guaranteed acceptance life insurance. These ask no health questions at all but cost more per unit of coverage and may have waiting periods.

 Whole Life Insurance for Seniors in Minnesota: Sample Quotes

As a compromise, a regular whole life insurance policy should accept people with some typical health issues. You get an immediate death benefit and lower premiums than with a guaranteed acceptance policy.

These are some sample whole life insurance quotes for a 61-year-old, female, nonsmoker in Minnesota:

  • $10,000: $36.30
  • $15,000: $53.35
  • $25,000: $87.45

These are some top Minnesota life insurance companies:

  • Aetna
  • Globe Life
  • Mutual of Omaha

Online Comparison of Life Insurance for Seniors in Minnesota

if you or an elderly parent needs coverage for final expenses or a mortgage payoff, we can help. Start by comparing premiums with our fast and noninvasive Internet forms. After you see your offers, you are welcome to call for more information or even begin your life insurance application online. We can actually help with coverage for children, younger adults, and seniors over 80 in Minnesota.