Life Insurance for Seniors in Mississippi

Seniors and adult children who have elderly parents often fear that it will be difficult to find a good life insurance option. However, life insurance for seniors can be easier to find and purchase than you think. If you don’t want to leave your family to handle all of the funeral costs and other big expenses, it’s important to secure a policy. Luckily, we can help.

Final Expenses in Mississippi: A Few Averages

Many people don’t realize just how expensive final costs can be. However, along with paying for a funeral or cremation, many family members are left to pay final medical bills, outstanding car loans, mortgage payoffs and more.

For example, here are some average final costs to expect in Mississippi:

  • The Average Cost of a Funeral in Mississippi: $7,050
  • The Average Cost of a Cremation in Mississippi: $$1,000

These costs can vary, but the point is that they can be a lot to leave behind for your family members. If you secure life insurance coverage now, however, you can ensure that your family members have the money that they need to handle these costs. With the right policy, your loved ones may even be left with extra cash after all of these final costs are paid for.

A Few Stats About Life in Mississippi


  • Number of Deaths Per Year in Mississippi: 29,494
  • Leading Cause of Death in Mississippi: Heart Disease
  • Annual Household Income: $36,919

The Top Five Most Populated Cities in Mississippi:

  • Jackson: 172,638
  • Gulfport: 71,012
  • Southaven: 50,997
  • Hattiesburg: 47,556
  • Biloxi: 44,820


Sample Whole Life Insurance Quotes for Senior Citizens in Mississippi

If you want to compare the best cheap quotes from all of the top providers, you will need to use our handy tool. Then, you’ll be able to enter your date of birth and other information, which will allow you to gather the most accurate quote.

We know you might be curious about what other seniors in the State of Mississippi are paying for whole or term life insurance for seniors, so we decided to gather up a few quotes. These estimates are for whole life insurance for a Mississippi man who is 66 years old and who smokes. Your rates might be higher or lower, based on whether or not you want to answer health questions, how old you are and whether or not you use tobacco products.

  • $10,000: $137.50
  • $15,000: $204.58
  • $25,000: $338.75


We Can Help You Find Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance (Even for Seniors Over 80 in Mississippi)

We have gathered up information so that you can shop for life insurance online. These are some of the bigger companies that we work with:

  • Gerber
  • TransAmerica
  • Colonial Penn

Enter your information now so that you can fill out your application today. In no time, you’ll be ensured by a top provider that you can trust.We can help you find life insurance quotes for seniors over age 80.