Life Insurance for Seniors in Nevada

Have you considered the need for life insurance for seniors in Nevada? Some senior citizens don’t realize just how crucial it is to purchase guaranteed life insurance. Some people worry about how much life insurance costs or fear that they will have to answer a ton of health questions. Some older seniors, such as seniors over 80 in Nevada, fear that they won’t be able to find cheap life insurance because of their age.

However, life insurance is essential for anyone, and it can become particularly important for senior citizens. If you are looking for a life insurance policy for a senior in your life, use our handy online tool to get started.

Life Insurance for Seniors in Nevada: Final Expense Costs

Final costs can vary from one person to another. For example, if you have outstanding car loans, medical bills, a mortgage that needs to be paid off and other expenses, your family will have to handle all of these things.

They’ll also have to worry about the cost of your funeral or your cremation.

These are some of the expenses that you can expect to pay in Nevada:

  • Funeral Averages in Nevada: Up to $10,500
  • Creation Averages in Nevada: $600 to $3,000

If your family members are like the average person, they probably don’t have a lot of cash lying around to cover all of these things. Luckily, this is where whole or term life insurance for seniors can come in handy.

Life Insurance for Seniors in Nevada: State Data

  • Leading Cause of Death in Nevada: Heart Disease
  • Annual Household Income: $51,525

Nevada’s Five Most Populated Cities:

  • Las Vegas: 583,756
  • Henderson: 257,729
  • Reno: 225,221
  • Paradise: 223,167
  • North Las Vegas: 216,961

Compare Quotes for Whole Life Insurance for Seniors in Nevada

These are a few monthly quotes for a 62-year-old Nevada resident who is a male and who uses tobacco:

  • $10,000: $108.33
  • $15,000: $160.83
  • $25,000: $265.83

 Find Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors in Nevada

We work with some of the biggest names in the life insurance business. These are some of the bigger companies that we associate with, but we have gathered quotes from other top life insurance providers as well to make it easy for you to compare rates and options.

  • Gerber
  • TransAmerica
  • Colonial Penn

Getting started comparing life insurance for seniors over 80 is easy. If you’re ready to find the best rate and the best coverage so that you can fill out an application right away, enter your date of birth, state of residence, gender and tobacco use into our tool. In seconds, you’ll be able to find life insurance coverage.