Life Insurance For Seniors In New Hampshire

We have some good news for families with elderly parents who have an interest in life insurance policies for seniors in the state New Hampshire . There is a type of coverage for almost every older person in the state. These policies range from guaranteed acceptance life insurance with no health questions to term life insurance for seniors. The cash proceeds from a policy can be used to pay for a funeral and other final expenses, handle debt like medical bills or outstanding car loans, or even leave an inheritance.

To compare New Hampshire senior life insurance quotes, simply use our online form. You can view competitive premiums within seconds without having to supply any personal details. If you’d like, you can even continue the process by applying right online.

Life Insurance for Seniors in New Hampshire

New Hampshire quick facts:

  • Average cost of New Hampshire burial service: About $8,300
  • Average cost of New Hampshire cremation service: Approximately $2,300
  • Largest New Hampshire cities (population): Manchester (109,545), Nashua (86,394), Concord (42,685), East Concord (42,604), Derry Village (34,537)
  • Average New Hampshire household income: $64,916

Finding the Best Life Insurance for New Hampshire Seniors

There are three options to consider for most senior citizens:

  • Guaranteed life insurance for seniors: Qualified applicants don’t have to answer any health questions.
  • Term life insurance for seniors: Fairly healthy older people may find that term provides cheaper coverage.
  • Simplified whole life: This offers lifetime coverage with lower premiums than guaranteed acceptance policies.

Consider these sample monthly whole life insurance quotes for a New Hampshire man who is 61 and doesn’t smoke:

  • $5,000: $24.03
  • $15,000: $67.69
  • $25,000: $111.34

These are a few of the top New Hampshire insurers:

  • Colonial Penn
  • Gerber
  • TransAmerica

Compare Life Insurance in the State of New Hampshire

We can help you find the cheapest premiums for life insurance for yourself or elderly parents. In fact, you can use our quote system to get competitive premiums for every member of your family, including life insurance for seniors over 80 in New Hampshire. Just supply your birthday, your state, and your smoking status. After you click the submit button, you will get to view premiums instantly. If you’d like, you can even begin your life insurance application on the Internet.