Our No Pressure Philosophy

My wife and I recently moved into a new house, and, unfortunately, our old washer and dryer did not make the move with us. So one Saturday afternoon, my wife and I decided to visit a few showrooms to shop for the perfect washer/dryer set.

There were many things that shocked us on our journey, such as the prices, all of the appliance features, as well as the sheer number of options. The one thing that surprised us the most, though, was the sales process.

We were dismayed and annoyed at the amount of pressure that was applied by a salesperson for us to make a decision before we left the store. I simply wanted to yell, “Stop pressuring me! I cannot tolerate being pushed. I simply want to be educated on the differences between the products I’m looking at.”

This real-life example serves as a key reminder of how we shaped our agency’s philosophy. We have done our best to remove the sales pitch and industry lingo from our conversations with clients. We have done so by focusing on three main areas.

The first area we target is our approach to client conversations about life insurance. We have made it our goal, when working with plans for seniors, to simply educate the client on the specific topic of interest and answer any questions or concerns. We strongly believe that a well-educated consumer has the ability to make his or her own decision regarding senior life insurance coverage. We have also found that educated clients are more confident in their buying decisions and are less likely to cancel their policies in the future.

If we sense any confusion during an education phone call, we often recommend that the client take some time to process the information and then call us back with questions. Clients are able to take a deep breath and gather their thoughts, allowing them to gain clarity as to what they feel is best for their situations.

The second area we focus on to remove pressure from the buying process is the involvement of family and/or friends. Not only are we open to family involvement, we often recommend it. By involving a family member or a trusted friend, we are educating another person about the plans. Additional questions may be raised by the family member or friend, allowing opportunities for further education. It can also bring a sense of peace to the buyer knowing another individual is involved on their behalf.

The third area we focus on when dealing with a prospect is encouraging them to shop around. Many agents fear this. However, we feel a properly educated client can begin to decipher the differences between the various companies and life insurance policies.

We typically arm the prospect with specific questions to ask when comparing quotes. This enables the buyer to compare apples to apples. If the client finds a plan that appears to be better, we invite the client to call us back to discuss and confirm the information.

We don’t mind comparing our life insurance plans to those being offered by other agents, as we know there are many good companies available. Even if the prospect chooses another company, they are very likely to save our information for future needs.

As you can see, it is the goal of our agency to eliminate the pressure for a prospective client in the search for senior life coverage. We strive to do what is right just because it’s right. We feel everything else will work itself out from there. If we do our best to educate the prospective client, involve family and/or friends in the process, and encourage the client to shop our quotes, the client is empowered to make the best decision for their specific situation.

If you would like to speak to one of our agents regarding the various life insurance plans for seniors, feel free to call us directly. We are licensed in most states and will do our best to ensure that you are comfortable with the process. We can also help you locate guaranteed senior life insurance coverage.