Life Insurance For Seniors In North Dakota

Have you researched life insurance for seniors in North Dakota? What’s one way to plan for costs incurred after a loved one dies? Typically, there are funeral and other final expenses. In some cases, elderly parents may leave behind debts like medical bills or even outstanding car loans and credit card balances. The best life insurance for seniors in North Dakota can provide a family with a cash death benefit that can help handle these expenses and in some cases, even leave behind an inheritance.

We are here to help you compare quotes for life insurance for seniors in North Dakota. It takes seconds to complete our simple form and see your personalized premiums. After you submit our form and view your offers, you can even begin the application process online.

Life Insurance For Seniors In North Dakota: State Data

State of North Dakota quick facts:

  • Average cost of North Dakota burial service: Over $8,000
  • Average cost of North Dakota cremation service: Over $2,000
  • Largest North Dakota cities (population): Fargo (105,548), Bismarck (61,271), Grand Forks (52,837), Minot (40,887), West Fargo (25,832)
  • Average North Dakota household income: $53,741

What is the Best Kind of Life Insurance for Seniors in North Dakota?

Commonly available options are term life insurance for seniors, guaranteed life insurance for seniors, and simplified whole life. The advantage of guaranteed acceptance life insurance is that the insurers won’t ask any health questions. On the other hand, it may be more expensive than simplified whole life insurance for seniors. For people who need more significant amounts of coverage, term life insurance for seniors is the cheaper option for older people in reasonably good health.

These are some sample whole life insurance quotes for a North Dakota man who is 60 and smokes:

  • $5,000: $27.06
  • $15,000: $76.77
  • $25,000: $126.48

These are only sample prices, and it’s important to get competitive prices from a handful of different insurers. For example, these are some of the top companies offering life insurance for seniors in North Dakota:

  • Gerber
  • Colonial Penn
  • TransAmerica

Compare and Apply for Life Insurance for Seniors in North Dakota

If you need life insurance for yourself or an older parent, we can help. We offer competitive premiums for everyone in the family from children and teens to seniors over 80 in North Dakota. Our life insurance quote form only takes a few moments to complete, and you don’t have to supply any personal information. Once you view premiums and plans, you are welcome to ask for help or even begin your life insurance application online.