Life Insurance For Seniors In Oregon

If you are interested in exploring life insurance for seniors in Oregon, you have arrived on the right page. Different kinds of coverage can help you or elderly parents plan to have the cash needed to handle a funeral and other final expenses. In some cases, it might also provide money to settle medical bills, outstanding car loans, and different kinds of debt.

To compare quotes for life insurance for seniors in Oregon, use our quick, online quote engine. It only takes a minute to complete the form. After that, you can view competitive premiums on the next page. You are welcome to learn more or begin applying online.

Life Insurance For Seniors In Oregon: State Data

State of Oregon quick facts:

  • Average cost of Oregon burial service: More than $8,300
  • Average cost of Oregon cremation service: More than $2,200
  • Largest Oregon cities (population): Portland (583,775), Eugene (156,185), Salem (154,636), Gresham (105,593), Hillsboro (91,610),
  • Average Oregon household income: $50,229

Types of Life InsuranceĀ for Seniors in Oregon to Consider

These are the solutions that most elderly people consider when they want coverage:

  • Term life insurance for seniors: These are usually 10- to 20-year term policies for relatively healthy older people. Those who qualify may find it the cheapest option.
  • Whole life insurance for seniors: These provide lifetime coverage and may also grow a cash value. Even people with some typical medical issues may qualify.
  • Guaranteed acceptance life insurance: Often called burial policies, these don’t require the answers to health questions.

Compare Life Insurance for Seniors in Oregon

For many elderly people, simplified whole life insurance is a good answer. Consider some sample whole life insurance quotes for a nonsmoking woman in Oregon who is 60 years old:

  • $10,000: $18.47
  • $15,000: $51.01
  • $25,000: $83.56

These premiums are only examples. As you get your custom premiums, you may see some of these top Oregon insurers on the list:

  • Colonial Penn
  • TransAmerica
  • Gerber

How to Find the Best Life Insurance for SeniorĀ in Oregon

If you need life insurance for yourself, an elderly family member, or even a child, you have come to the right place. We even offer life insurance for seniors over 80 in Oregon. After you review your local offers, you can even begin your policy application online.