Life Insurance For Seniors In Pennsylvania

Seniors or families with elderly parents might still benefit from comparing quotes for life insurance for seniors in Pennsylvania. We are happy to let you know that most people can qualify for life insurance for seniors. These policies pay out in cash, so they offer a way to handle final expenses or take care of credit debt or even a mortgage payoff. Either way, it pays to shop around to make sure that you find the right life insurance coverage for your own unique needs.

Are you the type who would like to compare types of life insurance for seniors in Pennsylvania before deciding if the product is right for you? If so, you should know that it only takes a few seconds to complete our online life insurance quote form. Once you see your competitive price offers from quality insurers, you can start to apply on the Internet or ask an agent for more help.

Life Insurance For Senior in Pennsylvania: Understanding Stats and Plan Types

State of Pennsylvania quick facts:

  • Biggest Pennsylvania cities (population): Philadelphia (1,526,006) Pittsburgh (305,704) Allentown (118,032) Erie (101,786) Reading (88,082)
  • Average Pennsylvania burial & service: About $8,500
  • Average Pennsylvania cremation & service: About $2,300
  • Median Pennsylvania household income: $52,548

Comparing types of life insurance for seniors can be confusing if you’re not educated with the basics.  Whether you’re looking for yourself or your elderly parents there are three basic life insurance options for seniors:

  • Term Life Insurance for Seniors:

    Term life insurance for seniors is usually a cheaper option for people who need larger levels of coverage and are relatively healthy for their age.

  • Guaranteed life insurance for seniors:

    Guaranteed life insurance asks no health questions on the application but doesn’t offer an immediate death benefit.

  • Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance for Seniors:

    This type of whole life insurance policy provides lifetime coverage and an immediate death benefit.  It can be useful for seniors because it has limited underwriting requirements or health questions to qualify.

Sample Quotes Whole Life Insurance for Seniors in Pennsylvania

Simplified issue whole life for seniors is the choice of many older people and their families. Premiums are usually affordable, and the policy provides lifetime coverage.

To give you an idea of the cost, this is a list of some sample whole life insurance quotes for a 55-year-old, nonsmoking woman in Pennsylvania:

  • $10,000: $15.79
  • $15,000: $42.96
  • $25,000: $70.14

This is a list of some large insurance companies offering life insurance for seniors in Pennsylvania:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Aetna
  • Globe Life

Compare Online Rates for Life Insurance for Seniors in Pennsylvania

Why not take less than 30 seconds to access competitive rates for life insurance for seniors? Half a minute is more than the length of time you should need to complete the quote form and see your rates displayed right on your computer. After viewing customized offers, you may start your application or contact us for a chat with a live agent. We can also provide the best coverage for families members from newborn babies, we can even quote life insurance for seniors over age 80 in Pennsylvania.