What Type of Senior plans Do you Offer?

When evaluating insurance plans for seniors, don’t simply settle for a general insurance professional. It is important to find an insurance professional who understands the senior market and deals with all types of senior plans.

Life Insurance plans for seniors is our specialty. We offer a broad range of products and plans specifically tailored to seniors. The three main areas we deal with our senior life insurance coverage, retirement planning for seniors, and senior health insurance plans.

Senior life insurance plans can vary depending on the individual’s needs when purchasing a plan. We offer products such as burial insurance or final expense insurance, term life insurance, simplified issue whole life insurance and traditional whole life insurance for seniors.

Before making a recommendation, we like to gather some in-depth information regarding your health situation, your financial position, and your purpose for purchasing the policy. With this information, we can make recommendations and provide quotes tailored to your specific situation.

The second area we deal with is retirement planning for seniors. We offer a variety of products from various companies. However, our approach in this area is very similar to that of senior life insurance. We like to gather as much in-depth information as possible in order to make a recommendation customized to meet your present and future goals. We strive to be realistic while providing clear and accurate direction.

The last area that we deal with is senior health insurance plans. In this area, we are most often dealing with the ins and outs of Medicare, while addressing the various options that are available to seniors. During our first conversation, we like to address what we call Medicare basics.

We start from square one in an attempt to give you a general understanding of Medicare as a whole. Our focus is on education while taking as much time as needed to answer any questions or concerns. After you understand the Medicare basics, we can also explore and explain the features of Medicare supplements, Medigap policies, Medicare Advantage plans, as well as Medicare prescription drug plans.

Although a health history is not required in most situations, it can be helpful if you are willing to disclose the details of your health situation. This information allows an agent to make plan recommendations customized to your individual needs.

Working with a senior specialist is crucial when evaluating insurance plans for seniors. We have licensed insurance professionals in most states and would be glad to answer any of your questions or concerns.

We understand that there are many moving parts to these plans, and we feel there is no question too small. Let us know how we can help. We also offer plan options for guaranteed issue life insurance for seniors.