Life Insurance For Seniors In Rhode Island

The time after a loved one passes away can be stressful and expensive. Life insurance for seniors in Rhode Island offers a cash benefit that can be claimed to help finance all sorts of final expenses. This includes the funeral and other outstanding debts. Typically, to make a claim, all the beneficiary needs is a death certificate.

We help you compare Rhode Island life insurance for seniors with our instant, online quote tool. After you see your quotes, you can even begin your application or contact us for more details. Coverage might be available for people in middle ages to seniors over 80.

Rhode Island Senior Life Insurance

State of Rhode Island quick facts:

  • Average cost of Rhode Island burial service: Over $8,350
  • Average cost of Rhode Island cremation service: Over $2,350
  • Largest Rhode Island cities (population): Providence (178,042), Warwick (82,671), Cranston (80,386), Pawtucket (71,147), East Providence (47,035)
  • Average Rhode Island household income: $56,361

Of course, different senior citizens have different needs and budgets. It’s important to compare different types of senior life in order to choose the best value. Very common options are guaranteed acceptance life insurance, term life insurance for seniors, and regular whole life with a small face value.

Term life may be cheapest for healthier elderly people. Guaranteed acceptance policies don’t require the answers to health questions, but they have a waiting period before full benefits are payable. Regular whole life offers lifetime coverage, an immediate death benefit, and affordable premiums for many people.

Consider these sample whole life insurance quotes for a Rhode Island woman who is 61 and doesn’t smoke:

These are cash benefits. Typically, the beneficiary will be able to use the money in any way he or she needs to. The money can be spent on a funeral and other kinds of final expenses, or it can be saved.

Get Quick Price Comparisons for Senior Life Insurance in Rhode Island

Of course, these premiums are only examples. You will find that prices can vary dramatically between different insurers and coverage amounts. We make it easy for you to get your own customized prices within seconds. You are welcome to request policy quotes for yourself or your aging parents. Our form only needs seconds to complete, and you don’t have to supply your name, email, or any other personal details. We hope to help many Rhode Island seniors find affordable coverage.