Life Insurance For Seniors In Texas

Lots of families and their elderly parents in the Lone Star State need help planning for the future. For one thing, funeral and other final expenses can really add up after a loved one passes away. In some cases, families may also need a way to handle their loved one’s credit debt and even deal with a mortgage payoff. Texas life insurance for seniors might be a solution for many middle-class families and their elderly loved ones.

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Texas Life Insurance Quotes For Senior Citizens

State of Texas quick facts:

  • Biggest Texas cities (population): Houston (2,099,451), San Antonio (1,327,407), Dallas (1,197,816), Austin (790,390), Fort Worth (741,206)
  • Average Texas burial & service: About $8,200
  • Average Texas cremation & service: About $2,200
  • Median Texas household income: $51,900

Typically, older folks might have a chance to choose from one of three kinds of life insurance coverage. Fairly healthy senior citizens might still quality for 10-year term life insurance for seniors. For lifetime coverage, small whole life policies might be a good choice. For those with serious medical problems, there are always guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies that don’t require the answers to health questions.

Texas Sample Whole Life Insurance Quotes

Because it is easy to apply for and offers lifetime benefits, regular whole life policies are often suggested for older people. To help you understand that the premiums can be very modest, we’ve published some sample whole life insurance quotes for a male in Texas who is 65 and doesn’t use tobacco:

  • $10,000: $35.56
  • $15,000: $52.24
  • $25,000: $85.60

These are some of the top life insurance providers in the Lone Star State:

  • Globe Life
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • AARP
  • Aetna

Compare Texas Life Insurance for Seniors Online

Seniors and their families have concerns about the future. To help, we offer an instant life insurance quote form. You can see competitive premiums without entering your personal details, and you get the information within seconds. Once you find out which life insurance company offers the cheapest rates and best value in Texas, you are free to begin your policy application on the Internet or contact us for help from an agent.

We can also help cover your entire family. Trust us to find the right solution for everybody in your entire family from the youngest child to seniors over 80 in Texas.