Life Insurance for Seniors in Washington

Are you a Washington-based senior citizen who is currently without life insurance coverage, now is the time to start shopping for it. Luckily, it’ll be easier than you think now that you can use our easy, advanced search tool.

Washington State: Average Final Expenses

Without life insurance, your loved ones will be stuck paying for any outstanding car loans that you might have, any remaining payments that are left on your mortgage, all of your medical bills and so much more. Plus, you have to realize just how costly a burial can be. Even a cremation, which is more affordable than a traditional burial, can be quite expensive.

  • Cost of a Funeral in Washington State: Up to $10,000
  • Cost of a Cremation in Washington State: Up to $3,000

Luckily, if you invest in a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy for yourself or your parents now, you won’t have to worry about these costs. The claims process is generally quite easy; once the deceased’s family members notify the insurance company and fill out a claim form, the insurance company will process the claim. In the majority of cases, this only takes a few days. This means that your loved ones will have the money that they need to cover all of these final expenses right away.

Washington State: By the Numbers


  • Washington Deaths Per Year: 52,034
  • Washington’s Leading Cause of Death: Heart Disease
  • Average Yearly Income in Washington: $56,834

The Five Cities in Washington with the Highest Populations:

  • Seattle: 652,404
  • Spokane: 210,724
  • Tacoma: 203,444
  • Vacouver: 167,403
  • Bellevue: 133,991

We have assisted people from all over Washington in finding life insurance for seniors, so don’t worry if you don’t live in one of the bigger cities. Whether you want to avoid answering health questions or just want to look for a cheap policy, our online tool will allow you to compare quotes quickly and easily. Once you find the best coverage for seniors, you can fill out an application online with ease.

Sample Whole Life Insurance Quotes for a Senior in the State of Washington

66-year-old woman who lives in the State of Washington and who does not use tobacco:

  • $10,000: $41.41
  • $15,000: $65.76
  • $25,000: $107.86


Find Whole or Term Life Insurance for Seniors, Including Seniors Over 80 in Washington

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