Life Insurance for Seniors in Wyoming

Are you a senior citizen who needs life insurance? If so, now is the time to use a handy tool like ours to start shopping for this necessary coverage.

Average Costs of Final Expenses in Wyoming

The type of ceremony that your family members decide to host, whether or not you will be cremated instead of buried and a few other factors will cause the cost of your final expenses to vary. However, these are some general numbers that others in Wyoming are paying:

  • Funeral: $5,000 to $10,000
  • Cremation: $700 to $1,300

Your loved ones will also be responsible for your medical bills and other expenses if you do not have coverage.

Fortunately, the claims process if you do have coverage is easy. In most cases, the life insurance company will pay out after a few days, as long as your family members fill out a claim form quickly. The life insurance company should be able to provide additional guidance for this step.

State of Wyoming Statistics


  • Wyoming’s Death Rate Per 100,000: 731.66
  • Average Yearly Income in Wyoming: $57,954

Wyoming’s Five Top Most Populated Cities

  • Cheyenne: 62,441
  • Casper: 59,625
  • Laramie: 31,814
  • Gillette: 31,792
  • Rock Springs: 24,133


Wyoming’s Sample Whole Life Insurance Quotes for Seniors

To give you a point of reference, we ran the numbers and found a few rates from top providers. These rates are for a 68-year-old woman who lives in Wyoming and who does smoke use tobacco:

  • $10,000: $48.91
  • $15,000: $72.06
  • $25,000: $118.36

Obviously, your quotes are going to be different based on various factors, including:

  • Tobacco Use (Or Lack Thereof)
  • Date of Birth (Life Insurance for seniors over 80 in Wyoming May Pay More)
  • Answers to Health Questions
  • Ability to Pass a Health Exam
  • State That You Reside In
  • Gender

If you want to compare quotes online, you’ll need to use your own information if you want accurate information. Fortunately, this is easier than you think. There is no need to shop around on different websites. Instead, you can enter this simple information into our online search tool to have your options revealed to you immediately.

Find Life Insurance for Seniors in the State of Wyoming Today

If you are helping your parents or shopping for your own policy, you probably want things to be as easy as possible. Whether you are shopping for whole or term life insurance for seniors, our tool will allow you to find the best cheap rates on guaranteed acceptance life insurance. Then, you can get started on your application today.