Life Insurance for Seniors That Are Overweight

Is it difficult to purchase senior life insurance if you are overweight? Actually, most companies that offer products that get marketed as life insurance for seniors relax some of their underwriting guidelines quite a bit.

But smokers, people who weigh more than an insurance company’s weight charts say they should, or older people with pre-existing conditions might not qualify or get charged more than average applicants. In some cases, it is not just one risk factor that causes a problem, but a combination of risk factors might get applications declined or moved into a higher rate class.

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Life Insurance for Overweight Seniors – Facts

The right life insurance policy and insurer really depends upon how overweight an applicant is. Packing on an extra 10 or 20 pounds over an ideal weight is probably not a problem for most no exam life insurance companies. If an applicant weighs considerably more than average, you can also find policies with applications that do not even ask about height or weight.

Typically, these are smaller life insurance policies for seniors that are overweight also called burial insurance or final expense insurance. They are meant to provide a modest death benefit that can help beneficiaries pay for a funeral, settle debts, and even keep a little money for themselves.

An older person who is more than a little overweight might consider these options:

  • Simplified issue: The applications usually only ask a few health questions and they may not even ask about height and weight. Typically, the application forms have just been designed to weed out the most unhealthy elderly people.
  • Guaranteed issue: These policy applications do not even ask any health questions at all and are open to any qualified applicants.

If you or your loved one can qualify for a simplified issue life insurance policy, it is probably a better choice because it will cost less and provide the full death benefit right after the policy gets issued. Guaranteed acceptance policies don’t have to ask health questions because they use a waiting period of two to three years to qualify applicants for the entire death benefit. Before the waiting period ends, the policy may only pay some portion of the full face value or even just return premiums paid. However, a guaranteed issue policy might provide a solution for seniors who cannot qualify for any other type of policy.

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